Celiac Disease Linked to Common Chemical Pollutants

NEW YORK, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Elevated blood levels of toxic chemicals found in pesticides, nonstick cookware, and fire retardants have been tied to an increased risk for celiac disease in young people, new research shows. Note: video commentary from the researcher is available at https://bcove.video/2z5WfEj According to NYU Grossman School of Medicine researchers who led the […] read more

UK Filmmaker Documents his Battle With Coeliac Disease

Greg Ballantine, a documentary filmmaker from Swansea, Wales, suffered from symptoms of undiagnosed coeliac for many years. In his documentary titled “Why are you so thin?” I had Coeliac Disease, Greg openly and honestly discusses the alarming symptoms he experienced as a teenager and was too ashamed to tell anyone … from tongue ulcers, lack […] read more

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Results of a Phase 2 Clinical Trial Using Technology Developed at Northwestern Medicine for the Treatment of Celiac Disease Look Promising!

“Results of a new phase 2 clinical trial using technology developed at Northwestern Medicine show it is possible to induce immune tolerance to gluten in individuals with celiac disease. The findings may pave the way for treated celiac patients to eventually tolerate gluten in their diet.  After treatment with the technology, the patients were able […] read more

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Your Resource for a Happy, Safe, Gluten-Free Halloween, 2019 (with updated GF Candy Lists)!

Your Resource for a Happy, Safe, Gluten-Free Halloween, 2019 (with updated GF Candy Lists)!

Whether planning to take your kiddos trick-or-treating or hosting/attending a ghostly Halloween bash, we hope you will find our Resource Guide helpful! Included: lists of safe gluten-free candy (& also where you can donate leftovers!), craft ideas, frightfully delightful recipes & a few GF (allergen-friendly options) Halloween treats for purchase!     Gluten-Free Candy Lists […] read more

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Do Celiac Families Really Need Two Toasters?

Those of us in the celiac community have often been advised to take every precaution necessary to avoid cross contamination in the kitchen and elsewhere. In the below Children’s National Hospital study, researchers have discovered that certain scenarios may result in less gluten exposure than previously thought. I certainly welcome any new research that ultimately […] read more

New study calls for screening of family members of celiac-disease patients

Aug. 21, 2019 at 2:34 am Updated Aug. 21, 2019 at 6:20 am, The Seattle Times A new study from the Mayo Clinic calls for screening of all first-degree relatives of celiac-disease patients. By Mayo Clinic News Network ROCHESTER, Minn. — Parents, siblings and children of people with celiac disease are at high risk of also having […] read more

Don’t Blame Wheat Breeding For Celiac Disease

Article By Senay Simsek, published on https://www.acsh.org, 9.18.18 (excerpts from article) “In the past few years, there has been a rise in celiac disease, and there has been some speculation that this could be due to changes in the protein chemistry of modern wheat cultivars in comparison to historical cultivars. We attempted to test this […] read more

Research reveals the inflammatory reaction in patients with celiac who consume gluten

Wonder why you experience an array of adverse reactions when you have celiac and ingest gluten? An international collaboration of leading celiac disease experts have he answer. The results of their research could lead to “world-first blood test for diagnosing the disease.” Thank you to all the patients with celiac who consumed gluten and certainly […] read more

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FDA approves an investigational new (oral) drug application that may allow people with celiac to consume gluten

Another (oral) therapeutic treatment for celiac disease is in the works! The FDA approved an IND (investigational new drug) application from ActoBio for AG017, an oral biologic drug candidate. Learn more here: https://www.biopharma-reporter.com/Article/2019/08/29/FDA-approves-IND-for-oral-biologic-to-treat-celiac-disease?utm_source=copyright&utm_medium=OnSite&utm_campaign=copyright Read ActoBio’s Press Release here read more

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Association of Gluten Intake During the First 5 Years of Life With Incidence of Celiac Disease Autoimmunity and Celiac Disease Among Children at Increased Risk

View abstract published on Jamanetwork.com here Objectives: To investigate if the amount of gluten intake is associated with celiac disease autoimmunity and celiac disease in genetically at-risk children. Conclusions: “Higher gluten intake during the first 5 years of life was associated with increased risk of celiac disease autoimmunity and celiac disease among genetically predisposed children.” read more

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Celiac Disease Clinical Practice Guidelines (2019) European Society for the Study of Coeliac Disease (ESsCD)

This past June 2019, the European Society for the Study of Coeliac Disease (ESsCD) released updated guidelines for the management of celiac disease (CD) and other gluten-related disorders in adults and children. This is primarily for health care professionals treating patients with Celiac Disease, however as a patient, we should also be aware of the […] read more

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Celiac Disease Researcher, Dr. Alessio Fasano of MassGeneral Hospital Recognized for his Scientific Achievements by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

At a ceremony on June 27th in Rome, Dr. Alessio Fasano, world–renowned celiac/gluten-sensitivity researcher, was honored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. He received the Italian Bilateral Scientific Cooperation Award, one of Italy’s highest honors for scientific research. Dr. Fasano is Chief of the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition; associate chief […] read more

ImmusanT Discontinues Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Nexvax2 in Patients With Celiac Disease

Disappointing news that ImmusanT has discontinued the Phase 2 trial of Nexvax2, a vaccine therapy to treat celiac disease. The company will be “actively investigating data gathered from the trial to further understand this outcome”.   From the ImmusanT website: “CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – June 25, 2019 – ImmusanT, Inc., a clinical stage company leveraging its Epitope-Specific […] read more

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High fiber during pregnancy reduces risk of celiac disease in children, research finds

New research presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) has shown that high fiber intake during pregnancy is linked with a decreased risk of celiac disease in children.        News Release:  (Glasgow, 7 June, 2019) High fibre intake during pregnancy is linked with […] read more

Autoimmune diseases are related to each other, some more than others, per recent study

Sharing a Press Release from The Endocrine Society.    PRESS RELEASE The Endocrine Society March 24, 2019   Autoimmune diseases are related to each other, some more than others, study finds Contact: Jenni Glenn Gingery Associate Director, Communications and Media Relations Phone: 202.971.3655 jgingery@endocrine.org Contact: Colleen Williams Manager, Public Relations Phone: 202.971.3611 cwilliams@endocrine.org   New Orleans, LA – […] read more

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Dining Gluten-Free in Puerto Rico!

Meet Paola … student … foodie … blogger! Below she shares her health journey leading up to a diagnosis of both gluten and lactose intolerance and also provides great tips for dining out in Puerto Rico! Hello, my name is Paola! I was born in Puerto Rico and still live here with my family and […] read more

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Children not receiving proper follow-up care after initial diagnosis of celiac disease, according to research

  According to research published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology many children are not receiving proper follow-up care after initial diagnosis of celiac disease.  According to a recent article on www.healio.com (January 7, 2019) … “Although guidelines recommended dietitian education regarding a [gluten-free diet] and annual GI follow-up visits many may not be receiving appropriate treatment as 1 in […] read more

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Could Microbial Transglutaminase, A Common Food Additive, Cause & Trigger Celiac Disease

As researchers continue to study which environmental factors may contribute to the cause or trigger of celiac disease, a review in Frontiers in Pediatrics (Microbial Transglutaminase Is Immunogenic and Potentially Pathogenic in Pediatric Celiac Disease) reports that microbial transglutaminase, a common food additive, could possibly be both a cause and trigger, though more research is needed. Learn more […] read more

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Turkish schools to offer gluten-free meals

December 14, 2018 Meltem Özgenç – ANKARA Turkey’s Health Ministry and Education Ministry are set to cooperate for students who are gluten-intolerant, ordering schools across Turkey to offer gluten-free meals for pupils with the celiac disease. Students will be asked when applying to schools if they have gluten-intolerance. If they do, the school will be obligated to offer a gluten-free diet during lunches. School managements […] read more

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Garden Lites, Veggies Made Great! A Healthier Line of Gluten-Free Frozen Products

I find myself falling short of getting my daily recommended amounts of fruits and veggies (5-13 servings depending on age), how about you? Often I’m running out the door in the morning with a piece of toast in hand, and sometimes my teens are heading to school with same or dare I say, no breakfast […] read more

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