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(2019) New study calls for screening of family members of celiac-disease patients

(2019) Research reveals the inflammatory reaction in patients with celiac who consume gluten

(2019) Don’t Blame Wheat Breeding for Celiac

(2017) Seemingly innocuous virus can trigger celiac disease

(2017) Celiac Disease and Anorexia Nervosa: A Nationwide Study

(2016) Transition from Childhood to Adulthood in Coeliac (Celiac) Disease: The Prague Consensus Report

(2016) Victorians to be among first to benefit from coeliac disease vaccine

(2016) Study Finds Link Between Celiac Disease Risk And a Non-coding RNA

(2015) Early Life Infections May Be a Risk Factor for Celiac Disease in Childhood 

(2015) Norwegian Scientists Find Cause of Celiac Disease

(2015) Celiac Disease: Scientists Discover Why Gluten is Attached by the Immune System 

(2015) The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten

(2015) Silent’ Celiac Disease Found in Kids at Rheumatology Clinic 

(2015) Possible Link Between Celiac Disease and Bacterial Transglutaminaise used in food processing: a hypothesis

(2015) Hepatitis B Vaccine Less Effective for Celiac Patients – Source: AllergicLiving.com

(2015) Man With Celiac Sues FDA for Failing to Regulate Use of Gluten in Medicines – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2015) More evidence for rise, and race difference, in U.S. celiac disease – Source: Reuters.com

(2015) University of Oslo Researchers Use Mass Spectrometry to Characterize Gluten Peptide Binding in HLAs Linked to Celiac Disease – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2014) Article: The changing clinical profile of celiac disease: a 15-year experience (1998-2012) in an Italian referral center – Source: www.biomedcentral.com/

(2014) Large UK study shows no link between celiac disease and fertility problems – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2014) Non-Gluten Proteins and Their Role in Celiac Disease – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2014) Altered microbiota linked to GI symptoms in celiac patients on strict diet – Source: Healio.com

(2014) Study: Incidence of Malignancies in Diagnosed Celiac Patients Source: Medscape.com

(2014) Can Celiac Disease Affect The Brain? – Source: NYTimes.com

(2014) Study: Waiting To Start Feeding Gluten To Babies Won’t Prevent Celiac – Source: CeliacDisease.About.com

(2014) Celiac Disease, a Common, but Elusive, Diagnosis – Source: Well.blogs.nytimes.com

(2014) Hookworms shown to reduce celiac disease symptoms: Research – Source: Outbreaknewstoday.com

(2014) Are Viruses Causing Celiac Disease – Source: University of Chicago’s Sciencelife

(2014)  Gene type confers 26 percent chance of early celiac sign by age 5, NIH-funded study finds higher celiac risk in Sweden than US, elsewhere – Source: EurekAlert.org

(2014) The Molecular Secrets of Celiac Disease – Source: ABC.net.au

(2014) Fourfold increase in the rate of diagnosed cases of Celiac disease in the UK – Source: MedicalExpress.com

(2014) Norwegian Researchers Summarize Advances in Celiac (Coeliac) Disease – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2014) Research Shows Link Between NSAID Use and Gut Disease – Source: The Daily Beast

(2014) McMaster University Researchers Discover New Molecule Which Could Lead to Therapeutic Treatments for Celiac Disease

(2014) Celiac Disease Linked to Almost Doubled Risk of Corony Artery Disease (CAD) 

(2014) Persistence of Elevated Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibodies on a Gluten-free Diet Indicates Nonresponsive Celiac Disease

(2014) Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity? An Approach to Clinical Differential Diagnosis (Study)

(2014) Psychological Alterations in Patients with Adult Celiac Disease

(2014) Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance (2013 Study Abstract) 

(2014) The lowdown on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and celebrity wheat-bashing: In conversation with Dr. Alessio Fasano 

(2014) FODMAP Challenge Conducted in the UK to Determine Effects on Small and Large Intestines – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2014) Celiac Disease and Overweight in Children – an update (Italian study) – Source: Mdpi.com

(2014) Current Screening Guidelines Fail to Identify Celiac Disease (in Children, Swedish Study) – Source. www.medscape.com

(2014) John F. Kennedy very likely had celiac Disease says medical expert

(2013) Diagnostic Dilemmas in Celiac Disease (abstract) 

(2013) The Tip of the “Celiac Iceberg” in CHINA: A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis (study abstract)

(2013) Appropriate Nutrient Supplementation in Celiac Disease (abstract)

(2013) Joint BSPGHAN and Coeliac UK Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Celiac Disease in Children (UK)

(2013) Early Feeding and Risk of Celiac Disease in a Prospective Birth Cohert

(2013) Study Shows Vitamin, Mineral Deficiencies Common in New Celiacs

(2013) Autism Study Finds No Link to Celiac Disease; Gluten Reactivity REAL

(2013) Another Possible Underlying Mechanism for the Positive Association Between Celiac Disease and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: The Role of Interleukin 21 

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 (2016) Chronic bowel disease doesn’t deter Bloomfield runner – Source: www.post-gazette.com

(2015) One Driver Refuses to Let Celiac Take the Wheel

(2015) Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten-Free Cereal is No More – Source: TriumphDining.com

(2015) I don’t Choose to Be Gluten-Free – I Have to be – Source: Goodhousekeeping.com

(2015)  UConn Will Open The First University Certified Gluten Free Bakery In the US – Source: DailyCampus.com

(2015) 3 Things We Can Learn About Celiac Disease From Italians – Source: Huffpost.com

(2014) Will a  Gluten-Free Diet Really Make You Healthier – Source: www.ConsumerReports.org

(2014) Gluten-free Wedding Bliss – Source: www.GlutenFreeLiving.com

(2014) Facing Mount Kilimanjaro – with Celiac Disease –Source – AllergicLiving.com

(2014) Need a Pizza Crust Recipe? Here are 10 that don’t use Flour – Source: Organicauthority.com

(2014) Soon, You Could Own A Device that Scans Your Food For Gluten – Source: Entrepreneur.com

(2014) Staying active with celiac: Tips from an Olympian – Source: ChildrensHospitalBlog,org

(2014) Gluten-detection Dog Helps Woman Eat Safely – Source: www.livingstondaily.com

(2014) United Airlines Offers Gluten Free Options – Source: CeliacCorner

(2014) Dunkin Donuts holds off on nationwide release of gluten-free options, for now – Source: CeliacCorner

(2013) Should You Eat Gluten-Free Pizza in Regular Pizza Restaurants? – Source: celiacdisease.about.com

(2013) California Pizza Kitchen Reintroduces Gluten-Free Pizza Now Considered Safe for Celiacs – Source: CeliacCorner

(2013) The Rules for Dating When You’re Gluten-Free – Source: HuffingtonPost.com

(2013) FDA Defines the Term “Gluten-Free” for Food Product Labeling  Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2013) Gluten-free Glutton: Jaguars again offering gluten-free food choices – Source: Jacksonville.com

(2013) Tim Hortons Introduces First Certified Gluten-Free Menu Item (in Canada) – Source: SacBee.com

(2013) Gluten-Free Challenges in Schools and on College Campuses – Source: Huffpost.com

(2013) Gluten-Free Products Market Worth $6,206.2 million by 2018 – Source: www.sacbee.com

(2013) Gluten-free franks, huge burger awaits RAYS fans – Source: TampaTribune

(2013) New Gluten-Free Concession Stand at Citizens Bank Park – Source: blogs.phillymag.com

(2013) Health Nut: Those who eat gluten free find joy in almond flour – Source: www.sltrib.com

(2013) Gluten-Free Labeling Rules Head to the White House … finally! – Source: www.CeliacCorner.com

(2013) Gluten-Free Beer? Common Gluten Detection Method is Inaccurate – Source: www.medicaldaily.com

(2013) Gov’t: Food Allergies May Be Disability Under Law – Source: AP bigstory.ap.org

(2012) Lesley University agrees to gluten-free food choices – Source: www.bostonglobe.com

(2012) Senior Celiacs – Source: www.LivingWithout.com

(2012) Dunkin’ Donuts, Gluten-Free? Chain Tests Celiac Disease-Friendly Version of Treats – Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

(2012) Devastating Impact of Celiac Disease (FoxNews Video) – Source: Fox News.com

(2012) Chuck E. Cheese’s announces expansion of gluten-free options to all locations in the US & Canada – Source: CeliacCorner.com

(2012) Jennifer Esposito Leaves CBS’ Blue Bloods, Bashes Network – Source: HuffPost.com

(2012) Dining Gluten-Free at Ethnic Restaurants – Source: About.com

(2011) Cruising with Celiac Disease: What to Know Before You Go – Source: www.petergreenberg.com

(2011) Buckwheat benefits linked to d-fagomine content

(2011) The Gluten-Free Rush – Source: EastBayExpress.com

(2011) Maui Brick Oven Gluten-Free Restaurant Opens in Kihei- Source: MauiNow.com

(2011) Absorbance Reader is a Real Winner for Celiac Patients (new testing method for gluten) – Source: LabmateOnline

(2011) How Much Gluten Can Make Me Sick – Gluten Parts Per Million Table – Source: About.com

(2011)Some Quinoa Varieties May Be Unsuitable for Strict Gluten-Free Diets, Study Suggests – Source: FoodNavigatorUSA.com

(2011)Gluten Free Dining at Amusement Parks – Source: NewPlanetBeer.com

(2011) Pasta Made from Green Banana Flour a Tasty Alternative for Gluten-Free Diets- Source: Medicalexpress.com

(2011)Gluten-Free Options Await (Baseball) Fans at Delaware North Companies – Source: 4-traders.com

(2011)Another Gluten-Free Chex Cereal Hits the Market – Source: Timesunion.com



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