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“As you move through this life … you leave marks behind, however small.
And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you” – Anthony Bourdain (Rest in Peace)

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to experience new and interesting landscapes, architecture, cultures and gastronomical delights! You needn’t feel apprehensive traveling as a Celiac or with a gluten-sensitivity. As the demand for restaurants catering to people with food intolerance(s) is growing in the US, so it is world-wide, and many countries have restaurants offering gluten-free menus, and food markets which stock gluten-free food.  In fact, countries such as Australia, Finland, and Ireland to name just a few have catered to the gluten-intolerant long before US restaurant and market owners recognized it just made good business sense to do so.  Certainly, if planning a trip abroad, there will be a bit more preparation involved, but you can easily turn this into a positive and fun researching task.  We suggest you consider the following when planning your trip:

–      Visit websites of Celiac support groups in the State you are visiting
(great way to find local GF restaurant recommendations)
–      Check out Foreign Celiac Organization/support group websites
if travelling outside of the US
–      Look into travel companies catering to people with special diets:
Bob & Ruth’s Gluten-Free Dining & Travel Club 
Gluten Free Cruises 
Gluten Free Travel 
Gluten-Free Travel (in Australia)  
–      Visit GlutenFreeTravelSite (for user-submitted GF dining/travel reviews, searchable by location)

Other Recommendations:

Contact Airline

The majority of airlines should be able to accommodate people on special diets, though this usually only applies to longer duration flights.  Check the airline’s website to see if they offer a gluten-free meal.  Be sure to give advance notice of your request. If a short flight, don’t expect more than peanuts or pretzels, so best to pack your own snacks…. and remember, even though you requested a gluten-free meal, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get one.  Mistakes can happen and you do not want to be left without a meal, especially if on a long flight, so be sure to also pack some gluten-free snacks. For a list of airlines visit the following websites:

Helpful Airline Information:

Wikipedia List of Airlines:
 Airline Comparison Chart:’s  “Comparing Airlines” Chart (notes allergy & gluten-free policies, updated 10.2013)
SWISS becomes the world’s first certified “allergy-friendly” airline.
United Airlines to Offer Gluten Free Options 
Allergic Living Magazine’s list of Airline Allergen Policies (updated 6.2015) 

At the Airport & On the Plane

Nowadays, most airport convenience stores/kiosks carry a variety of grab and go gluten-free sweet & salty snacks (assorted chips, Kind bars, etc.). Other airport options are yogurt, salad (most likely will need to avoid dressing), fruit cups and hard fruit.  If looking for something a little more substantial to carry on the plane, best to pack your own food. You can pack a sandwich or any other item that will not need significant cooling, or you may opt to pack these in a cooler backpack, adding in a frozen package of peas or other vegetable, to keep your items cool – as the airlines will not allow the gel frozen packs through the scanner.

Invest in a Backpack Cooler

These are fantastic for packing a few beverages, salad, fruit, and cheese for a day of hiking locally or to take with you on the plane, for storing snacks (remember not to pack any beverages as they will not pass through the scanner). Visit our Amazon Store (coming soon!)– prices range from $20 – $100. You may also wish to pack a smaller BPH-free container with the liquid lid which can be frozen.  You won’t be able to take this on the plane, but pack it in your suitcase and it can be used later to keep items such as salads with dressing, separate from other items. Your hotel room will need to have a refrigerator if you plan to refreeze the cover.

Stock up at a Local Food Store

Once you have arrived at your destination, scout out a store selling packaged as well as naturally gluten-free items, and then stock up. (Do some research beforehand to find out where stores are located (search for “natural or health” food stores); you can also check out Celiac support groups in the area for recommendations on where to shop for GF foods as well as dining recommendations.

At the Hotel

When booking a hotel for a longer visit, best to book an efficiency which will have a small kitchen.  Pack a few bags of gluten-free noodles to have on hand, and purchase local and fresh vegetables, plain meat, poultry & fish. Hopefully, if you are lucky, there will be a nearby store stocking some GF items (do your research).  At a minimum, request a room with a refrigerator, should you need to stock a few items.    If you do not plan to do any cooking, and there is a restaurant at the hotel, alert the reservationist at time of booking of your special dietary needs.  Generally, upon check-in many hotel chefs will meet with you personally to discuss GF options. Visit our celiac-friendly lodging section for hotels offering gluten-free options!

*Consider packing a bag of your favorite gluten-free granola and nuts of your choice, whether store bought or homemade.  If you are staying at a hotel offering a continental breakfast, options are limited – perhaps some fruit, a hard-boiled egg and yogurt.  Top the yogurt with the granola and nuts, and I promise you, you will not be lamenting the fact you are unable to eat the waffles, toast & bagels!  If you really can’t do without having a piece of toast for breakfast, you may want to consider purchasing “Toaster Bags” available in our Amazon Store (coming soon!).Though many GF breads require freezing, there are a few which do not.  Pack a loaf in your suitcase and use the toaster bags in the provided toaster.


Ordering food in a foreign language can certainly be a challenge, so you may want to take along several copies of printed Dining/Restaurant translation dining cards, describing your special dietary needs.

Considering a Cruise? 

Check out this page from Gluten Free Travel

Install Apps on Iphone (available on the App Store)

iTunes offers “Gluten Free Restaurant Cards” (from – an App with over 40 card images in many languages; another option:

If traveling within the US, several FREE apps are available to search for restaurants. Click here for a list (they are noted at the bottom of the page):

Miscellaneous Apps:

Gluten Free Roads (use for road trips through Europe & elsewhere, to locate gluten-free eateries and accommodations)

This Article lists several APPS to download when visiting other countries!

Learn the Language!

It is common courtesy to at least attempt to address residents in their native language, at a minimum “good morning, hello, please and thank you”!  Also learn “I have Celiac –  No Gluten, Wheat Flour, Barley, Rye”  so you will be ready to instruct the server along with presenting a dining card in the foreign language if you happen to have one! Check out Food-Info from the Netherlands – they offer free pdf files of allergy-related words in numerous foreign languages! Check here to translate some of your phrases:

Just in case

While currently there is no FDA-approved pill proven to lessen the damage to the small intestines should gluten be ingested, some people like to take a digestive enzyme such as GlutenEase (from Enzymedica) which claims to aid in normalizing inflammation, should ingestion occur.  Do some research on the product and its effectiveness and then decide whether you want to pack a bottle.

A few useful blogs/websites to visit when planning your trip (locations outside of the U.S.). We will continue to add more, so check back.  



England: Leave It Out –; The Gluten Free & DH Message Board -

France: (for gluten-free restaurants around the country – in French, but easy to navigate to get name/location of restaurant)



Paris: ; ;

South America:

Spain (Madrid): (in spanish & english) (in spanish only) ; Barcelona

Wales: Visit “Coeliac Wales” on Facebook

Coeliac UK: This site is wonderful! You can click on any country you plan to visit and will find loads of useful info on traveling gluten-free, including translations.; also check out Live Gluten Free!

If traveling to Disney World, read this article  and also visit this site for gluten-free restaurant info:; for allergen-info at Seaworld, check out this article:,0,4885142.story

Other Tips: If traveling to Italy, note that most pharmacies will carry an assortment of gluten-free items (breads, sweets).

Also Visit our Restaurant Review Page (scroll to bottom to find articles on eateries around the globe offering gluten-free options!)

To echo Mark Twain  – Explore  ..  Dream  ..  Discover, but if travelling as a Celiac,
always be mindful to be on your guard to stay healthy.

Happy Trails!