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Tina Turbin’s Paleo Gluten Free Recipes

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In addition to the National Celiac Organizations & CeliacCorner, below are a few websites/blogs to check out for celiac info, more delicious gluten-free recipes, and healthy living tips … some have been CeliacCorner Featured Food Bloggers and Guest Authors: 

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Coconut and Berries (vegan & mostly gluten-free recipes)
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Everyday Mindful
Gfcf done easy (gluten & casein-free recipes)
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Gluten Free Find (blog:
Gluten Free Fun 
The Gluten Free Girl (RD)
Gluten Free Gourmand (recipes)
Gluten Free RN
Gluten Free School
Gluten Free Vancouver
Glutenvy Girl
The Gut Gazette (recipes, reviews)
IBS Treatment Center/Dr. Steve Wangen
Jackie Ourman – Cafe (celiac & allergy-friendly recipes)
Jeannette’s Healthy Living (recipes,  note: not all are gf)
Jessica Madden MD
My Darling Lemon Thyme (most recipes are gf)
No Gluten, No Problem 
Nutrition 4 You, LLC (RD)
On Pointe Nutrition
Transfer of Health