Archived Celiac News Articles (Medical/Scientific)


2010 – University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center’s 2010 Research Summary Report – Source:  UC Website
2010 – University of Maryland Receives Record $45 million gift – Source: UM Website 
2010 – University of Maryland Finds Rate of Celiac Disease is Growing – Source:  UM Website – Gluten-free diets do not improve autism behavior – University of Rochester Medical Center, New York – Source:
2010 – Primary Infertility as a Rare Presentation of Celiac Disease – Source: US Nat’l. Library of Medicine-NIH
2010 – Gastroenterologist Study Mind-Body Techniques for Treating Celiac – Source:
2010 –Summary of Celiac and Lactose Intolerant – Source: WebMD
2010 – Gene links to Celiac Disease may help drug search – Source: Reuters
2010 – Do C-Sections increase the risk of Celiac Disease?- Source: Canada’s Nat’l. Post
*2010 – Detailed article discussing research conducted by Celiac specialists including: Alessio Fasano, Peter Green, Detlef Schuppan, Dan Leffler, Joseph Murray, Robert Anderson – Source: Proto Website/Massachusetts General Hospital
2010 – The Vatican Supports Stem Cell Research. Source: University of Maryland School of Medicine
2010 – Genetic Testing for Celiac Disease – Source:  The New York Times
2009 – Spotting Celiac Disease From Dental Damage
*2009 – Celiac Disease Prevalence and Mortality, a Study by Joseph Murray, M.D. – Source: Mayo
2009 –  Children Whose Celiac Disease is Detected Early do Better Over Time – Source:
2009 – Journal of Leukocyte Biology – On benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics
2009 – Gluten: The Secret Stalker/Wildly misdiagnosed … linked with ADHD and Depression – Source: Psychology


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