Research reveals the inflammatory reaction in patients with celiac who consume gluten

Wonder why you experience an array of adverse reactions when you have celiac and ingest gluten? An international collaboration of leading celiac disease experts have he answer. The results of their research could lead to “world-first blood test for diagnosing the disease.” Thank you to all the patients with celiac who consumed gluten and certainly experienced adverse reactions … in the name of research!

Excerpts from (August 7, 2019) follows:

“For the first time we have described the inflammatory reaction that patients with celiac disease experience in the immediate hours after they are exposed to gluten.”

“Distinct markers in the blood of people with celiac disease have been detected within a few hours of gluten being consumed. The findings address a longstanding mystery about what drives the adverse reaction to gluten in celiac disease and could lead to a world-first blood test for diagnosing the disease. A potential blood-based test would be a vast improvement on the current approach which requires people to consume gluten for a number of weeks, and even months, for the testing to be accurate.”

Read complete article here and find more details on the study here

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