Celiac Disease Tests Do Not Reflect Ongoing Mucosal Damage, according to meta-analysis

According to a recent meta-analysis of patients with confirmed (via biopsy) celiac disease, the most common tests (serum transglutaminase-tTG and endomysial antibodies-EMA) used to screen for CD as well as monitor healing, are unable to detect persistent small intestinal damage (villous atrophy) in many patients following a gluten-free diet. The researchers concluded more accurate, non-invasive markers of mucosal damage […] read more

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Review Study Finds Uncontaminated Oats Appear Safe for Patients with Celiac

Review Study:  Safety of Adding Oats to a Gluten-free Diet for Patients with Celiac Disease: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Clinical and Observational Studies Published on-line: April 18, 2017 Conclusions:  “In a systematic review and meta-analysis, we found no evidence that addition of oats to a GFD affects symptoms, histology, immunity, or serologic features of patients […] read more

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Evidence Insufficient to Screen for Celiac Disease in Patients Without Symptoms

[Health Care professionals seem to have differing opinions on whether or not to screen people who do not present with symptoms, for Celiac Disease (CD). A task force looked at whether there was enough evidence to determine whether testing of people without symptoms provided any benefit or harm for patients, their findings were reported by JAMA (The Journal of […] read more

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“Gluten-Removed” Beer May Be Unsafe for People with Celiac Disease

A recent pilot study conducted by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) at the University of Chicago’s Celiac Research Center reveals beer labeled “gluten-removed” may not be safe for the celiac community. “The medical and scientific community has not validated or accepted that these low-gluten or gluten-removed beers are safe because available gluten testing methods have not […] read more

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Transverse Myelitis and Celiac Disease

From Article (2.3.17):  Transverse Myelitis and Celiac Disease: The Unusual Pair by Dr Jeffrey Malatack, MD, Associate Editor, Pediatrics   “Transverse myelitis (TM) can be a devastating illness in which a spinal level injury occurs with partial to complete loss of neurological function below the affected spinal level.”  Learn more about the connection between TM and […] read more

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Hidden Celiac Disease Now Less Common in the U.S., study finds

Celiac Awareness is paying off! (Reuters Health, Thursday, Dec 29, 2016 ) Fewer people in the U.S. have celiac disease without realizing it, a new study finds. The actual proportion of people with celiac disease in the United States has not changed since 2009, researchers say. “The total prevalence is stable,” Dr. Joseph Murray told […] read more

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Serological screening for Celiac Disease in pre-schoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

According to an Italian study, preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) may have a higher risk of developing Celiac Disease, suggesting a possible common genetic background between the two disorders and the importance of regular screening for Celiac among this group. “The present study aims to investigate the overall CD prevalence (biopsy proven-CD patients plus screening detected […] read more

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A Gluten-Free Diet Improves Bone Parameters in PreMenopausal Women with Celiac Disease, Study Finds

Original Article: Impaired Bone Microarchitecture Improves After One Year On Gluten-Free Diet: A Prospective Longitudinal HRpQCT Study in Women With Celiac Disease – Zanchetta – 2016 – Journal of Bone and Mineral Research – Wiley Online Library Date of Publication: September 2016 (from Study Abstract) “We have recently identified a significant deterioration of bone microarchitecture in […] read more

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Season and region of birth linked to heightened childhood celiac disease risk: Circulating viral infections may explain temporal/geographical associations, say researchers

ScienceDaily, 15 August 2016   “Circulating viral infections may help explain the temporal and geographical patterns associated with the risk of developing childhood celiac disease, conclude Swedish researchers in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. But the role of vitamin D during pregnancy may also have a part to play, they suggest.” Read full story HERE […] read more

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Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity also an Immune Disorder, study finds

People can have a sensitivity to wheat gluten, and experience a systemic immune activation (a biological explanation), without having full blown celiac disease, according to a proof of concept study (learn more here). “Results Individuals with wheat sensitivity had significantly increased serum levels of soluble CD14 and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-binding protein, as well as antibody reactivity to bacterial LPS and flagellin. Circulating levels […] read more

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World-famous Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce & Other BBQ Favorites now Gluten-Free

It is officially summer (do I hear a yay!) Many of you will be firing up grills and adding your favorite meats, poultry and veggies! If you are a fan of BBQ, you will be happy to learn the family-owned company, Montgomery Inn, has reformulated their mouth-watering BBQ sauces to be free of gluten and other […] read more

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Gluten Triggers Strange Delusions in Woman with Celiac Disease

Article featured on Livescience.com 6.22.16 Author Credit: Sara G. Miller, Staff Writer  “Gluten has been implicated in a number of symptoms related to celiac disease that go beyond the digestive system, including rashes, anemia and headaches. But according to a recent case report, the wheat protein played a role in one woman’s severe psychosis.” read […] read more

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Product Review: Bavarian Brand Gluten-Free German Bread – all natural, vegan, dairy-free, nonGMO, allergen & digestive-friendly

Introducing Celiac Corner’s newest sponsor, R & R Export-Import Specialties, the sole US importer of a variety of premium German breads, including the Bavarian Brand offering a healthier line of Gluten-free German Breads as well as traditional organic whole grain and yeast-free breads. The all natural Gluten-free bread is available in two vitamin-rich varieties: GF Whole […] read more

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People with celiac disease advised to consider pneumonia vaccine

Published May 27, 2016 Reuters By Madeline Kennedy (Reuters Health) – Seniors are advised to get vaccinated against pneumonia, but that precaution is also a good idea for people of any age with celiac disease, according to a U.K. study. Despite their greater risk for pneumonia, only about one quarter of celiac patients get a […] read more

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New Study Identifies Racial and Ethnic Variations of Celiac Disease in the US (with patients from India’s Punjab region having the highest rates)

According to a Press Release from The American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) dated 9 May 2016, “About 1.8 million Americans have celiac disease, an immune-based condition brought on by the consumption of gluten in genetically susceptible patients. Among patients diagnosed with celiac disease by small intestinal biopsy in the U.S., those from the Punjab region of India have […] read more

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Invisible Illness #60ForCeliac: Beyond Celiac’s Campaign to Help Spread Awareness of Celiac Disease

  Help Spread Celiac Awareness During the Month of May (& beyond), Take #60ForCeliac CeliacCorner, has joined Beyond Celiac’s blogger force to help spread the word about their important campaign “Invisible Illness #60ForCeliac” during Celiac Awareness Month. The purpose of the campaign is to try to get people to“look beyond the surface and see what doesn’t immediately meet […] read more

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The North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease (NASSCD) Releases Summary Statement on Oats (April 2016)

The North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease (NASSCD) has released a statement seeking to clarify its position on OATS and their safety for people with celiac disease. Read summary below and feel free to share your thoughts. NASSCD Summary Statement on Oats April 2016 In response to numerous queries concerning the use […] read more

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Transition from Childhood to Adulthood in Coeliac (Celiac) Disease: The Prague Consensus Report

“The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative estimates that one million US children with special health needs make the transition to adult care every year. A large proportion of adolescents/young adults, however, have not been sufficiently prepared for the transfer to adult care”.   This Consensus Report is an important read for teens diagnosed with Celiac […] read more

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Persistence Despite Family Resistance (blog for Beyond Celiac)

CeliacCorner co-founder Paula Gardner was invited to be part of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness’ (currently known as Beyond Celiac) ‘Fuel The Family’ Blogger Campaign (2013). Below is the article which was featured on the Beyond Celiac website, reprinted with permission.       Persistence Despite Family Resistance   I would like to thank […] read more

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Musician.Singer.Songwriter Olly Flavell of Manchester (England) Shares his Coeliac Journey

Meet Olly Flavell, CeliacCorner’s Featured Guest Author. I met Olly (virtually) after he became a follower of CeliacCorner on Twitter. As I often do with new followers, I scanned his Twitter & other social media pages. I saw that Olly lives in England, attends music school and is a talented musician and singer/songwriter, but what caught […] read more

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