Tasterie – an allergy-friendly meal subscription service: Review & Giveaway

Tasterie – an allergy-friendly meal subscription service: Review & Giveaway


I was recently contacted by a rep of Tasterie, an allergy-friendly meal subscription service launched this past June. Founded by Dr. Lama Rimawi, MD, a practicing pediatrician from Massachusetts primarily out of the “frustration” she experienced trying to find healthy, allergen-free products to feed her two children, one of whom had multiple food allergies. “I can remember standing in the aisles of supermarkets trying to read labels, sleep deprived, with a newborn at home and a toddler between my legs wanting an easier and better option. Sound familiar? A subscription to Tasterie will get you one TasterieBox filled with products to fit your specific dietary needs delivered direct to your door on a monthly basis! Visit here to see the different boxes offered. Tasterie also offers vegan, top-8 allergen-free, & healthy & nutritious boxes! Can you trust that the products in your box will be completely free of the specific allergen(s)?  No worries, the Tasterie team performs a rigorous check of all products to ensure their safety. “We treat food allergy safety as no simple matter! Every TasterieBox item is carefully sourced by our team of physicians and nutritionists. You also receive detailed information on the contents in the box. Please contact us if you wish to get further details on the rigorous food screening protocol we employ.” Team Tasterie, led by Dr. Rimawi, also ensures that each box contains a nutritionally balanced, healthy assortment of products which are both pleasing to the eye as well as the palette. The team is always searching for new and exciting products to include. TasterieBoxes come in two options (both chock full of  your specified dietary requirement products!): The Snack Box ($15/mo.) contains a variety of (6-8) delicious, healthy, “grab & go” snacks and the Signature Box ($20/mo) contains 8-10 items (prepared or require cooking) for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you are just plain tired of reading labels, simply don’t have the time to shop for a variety of allergen-free products or don’t live in close proximity to a market that stocks the products you, or a family member, require – then a Tasterie subscription plan is your practical solution!  (Don’t miss our GIVEAWAY below!)

 I was excited when my gluten-free TasterieBox arrived at the door!  Feeling like a kid at Christmas opening up a present, I excitedly unfolded the pretty blue packing paper, and there laying atop a bed of straw, was a delightful assortment of gluten-free products …  a full-size (12 oz) bag of Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola by Love Grown Foods; Falafel Chips from Flamous (1.6 oz, organic); 2 pkgs. of Yogavive Apple Chips (.35 oz, organic); 2 pkgs. of Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix (2 .75 oz); 2 pkgs. Almond Butter by Barney (1.06 oz); an 11.7 oz jar of Roasted Eggplant & Pepper Hummus from Robert Rothschild Farm; and yes, there was something sweet … not 2, not 4, but 8 chocolate squares from Amanda’s Own Confections, which came in a clear box tied in a colorful ribbon! I was happy to see the majority of the products were certified gluten-free! Considering this Snack box is offered at $15, I’d say it is a pretty good value (have you checked the price of a bag of gluten-free granola lately?).

Consider becoming a member of Tasterie … then sit back, relax and just wait for your allergen-free “present” to arrive!

Why we love Tasterie:

–        Physican approved items
–        Rigorous screening of foods to ensure they are safe
–        Recipe cards are included (great suggestion for how to use one, or more, of the items contained in the box)
–        Free shipping
–        Company is community-minded (for each box shipped,Tasterie donates to the Greater Boston Food Bank)
–        So Convenient

Consider giving a loved one a gift of a subscription to Tasterie … the holidays are coming!


You can read all the details about a Tasterie membership here!

Follow Tasterie on Facebook and Twitter!

And … lucky CeliacCorner visitors, you will have a chance to win one Tasterie Snack Box (see details below!)

Camille’s CritiqueCorner

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Check out these items!

One Tasterie Box – of your allergen-free choice (winner will select from below list)
top 8 allergen free – Unique to Tasterie!
gluten, dairy & casein-free
dairy & egg-free
dairy & soy-free
peanut & treenut-free
healthy & nutritious

(items may not be the same as pictured in CeliacCorner’s sample box, or the one above, but will be similar)

Giveaway begins Monday, 10 September at 9:00  am (ET) and ends Monday, 17 September at 9:00 am (ET)


  1. Leave a REPLY below telling us why you would love to try out a TasterieBox filled with an assortment of products which meet YOUR (or a family member’s) specific dietary needs!! (note: Reply awaits Moderation)
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Open to US and Canadian residents only

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15 Responses to Tasterie – an allergy-friendly meal subscription service: Review & Giveaway
  1. Tried to do all the above,
    Hope I qualify….not sure; did slip silently through FB pages!

    My life, 70yrs=always read all ingredients!
    Would love to win something I could eat!!
    Actually knew gluten before it was Gluten!
    Let me know, K?

  2. and liked/commented on CeliacCorner’s FB!

  3. Ooohh just stumbled across Tasterie yesterday! Would LOVE to try a gluten free box 🙂

  4. I am gluten free and my husband is gluten free, dairy free, AND low sugar to fight off yeast. We love trying new foods but it is difficult to find tasty things within these restrictions. We’d love to check out the variety from one of these packs!

  5. Amber White Young
    September 11, 2012 at 10:53 am

    My children both have Celiac Disease & we all follow a gf lifestyle in our home. I am always on the hunt for any new, great products for us to enjoy. I also have family who live in other provinces & I think they would be more than happy to hear about a company such as yours.

  6. My son has food allergies (many) and it’s so hard to find snacks that he can and will eat. He has Asperger’s (autism spectrum) and makes picky eaters look good. I’d love to try to the Top 8 snack box!

  7. i have allergies and its so great to have a food service that specifys to allergies.

  8. My son has a ton of allergies so I would love to try this out for him!

  9. This is such a fantastic idea. Tasterie is doing a phenomenal job at increasing awareness of food allergies, and being a practical resource for those with allergies. I’ve been allergic to peanuts all my life, but I’ve recently discovered intolerances to corn and all other legumes (including soy). Living in DC, you’d think I could find appropriate food, but I have to visit 4 grocery stores on a weekly basis to find the kind of healthy options I need! I’d love to see the options Tasterie provides in their boxes!

  10. I would love to win this..I have been trying to find healthy snacks that do not aggrivate my stomach..I have a wheat and gluetin allergy..This makes it difficult to go about my daily activities..This box would make my day so much simpler..I would have everything I needed in one place..!

  11. I would love to try this out. Being a Celiac…I love the assurance that everything has been researched all ready and is confirmed gluten free. That is always a hard part about grocery shopping as a Celiac. This is such a great idea!

  12. I would love to try a sample. My daughter who is 9 has Celiac and we don’t live close to a store that has a very large selection.

    • Gayle, you (and your daughter) are the lucky winners of the Tasterie Box Giveaway! You will be contacted via email! Congrats!! Paula – CeliacCorner

  13. I would love to win a Tasterie gluten free box because my birthday is this week and it would be a really great present! Also, there is a similar company here in Michigan, also launched this summer, and I would like to see how they compare.

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