snackTAXI Reuseable Bags: (Gluten-Free) Product Review and Giveaway

snackTAXI Reuseable Bags: (Gluten-Free) Product Review and Giveaway

(Product Review & Giveaway)

We all try to be as environmentally conscience as possible. We reduce, reuse & recycle at home and in the office … but let’s admit it some of us still purchase those ziplock baggies to pack our kids’ (or our own) gluten-free sandwiches and snacks, right! We can do better! Why not consider purchasing a reusable bag/sack (or two) from a wonderful company called snackTAXI! Their collection of convenient, earth friendly, well-made reusable bags (which also happen to be just adorable) will save you from purchasing and repurchasing boxes of snack/sandwich bags, and will help keep our landfills and oceans free of more floating plastic. For those of us on a special diet, snacktaxi has a collection of bags that come with a stitched label of either “gluten-free” or “nut-free” which are not only great for carrying gluten and nut-free snacks, but also keeps them protected from other allergen-containing items (see our Giveaway below!).

Owner, Erin Kelly-Dill, created the first snackTAXI back in 2003 when her children started school. Admittedly, not a “natural” activist, Erin was basically looking for a solution to cut down on the use of ziplock bags, which would eventually end up in oceans and landfills. As her blog post states “I think that there are many paths to activism. I guess mine is a fairly narrow path (since I’m pretty much all about reusable bags!), but I’m happy on it. And whether you pack your kid’s lunch with repurposed bread bags and yogurt cups, or reuse garbage bags when you can- those actions make a difference.” And now Erin and her company are making an environmental difference, one snackTAXI at a time! Using a snackTAXI can be YOUR contribution to keeping the planet a little greener! And … your kids will just love you for packing their snacks in such a cute bag!

(these are just a few patterns that come with Gfree (or nut-free) labeling, there are numerous other unlabeled options)

snackTAXI’s snack/sandwich bags come in a variety of sizes:

Snack Sack: 6”W x 4.5’H

Sandwich Sack: 7.5” x 6”H

Lunch Sack: 10”W x 11”H with a 3” bottom

Other snackTAXI (unlabeled) products include: napkins, sporks (certified organic bamboo utensil), produce and bread sacks, even aprons in colorful, vintage designs!

Make-Your-Own-Taxi Kit (4 snack-sacks & markers to create your own fun design)
An Organic cotton collection is also available!

snackTAXI’s are great for everyone ..  students of any age, businesspeople, and moms (& dads) who may have the need to smuggle in a gluten-free snack when meeting a friend for coffee at a venue where no gluten-free snacks are available (been there)!

You can order on-line or find a retail store near you …  snackTAXI’s are available globally!

Why we love this company:

snackTAXI’s are made in the owner’s rural Massachusetts’ workshop by local sewers, avoiding outsourcing of labor

Green America Approved Business

Sales from some products (see Taxi’s on a Mission on their website) benefit: Partners in Health, Global Women’s Water Initiative  and Pick Up America

Visit snackTAXI’s blog “The Snacktivisit” (access from website)

And … we can offer a lucky CeliacCorner winner one very cute reusable bag – just in time for kids going back to school! See details below!

Camille’s CritiqueCorner

(See ALL Camille’s Critiques)


A “Bite me Lime” Gluten Free snack-sack with GLUTEN-FREE label
The snack-sack neatly fits rice cakes, pretzels or corn chips, and is equally good for carrot or celery sticks!
Dimensions 6″ W x 4.5″ H

(Giveaway runs from August 21st 1:00 pm EST through August 28th 1:00 pm EST)


Giveaway Rules:

LEAVE a REPLY below telling us why you must have this ADORABLE sandwich-sack labeled gluten-free (reply will not show up immediately as it awaits moderation)

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That’s it! Good luck!

Giveaway runs from August 21 (1:00 pm EST)) through August 28th (1:00 pm EST)

One winner will be notified by email. Winner will have three days to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.



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9 Responses to snackTAXI Reuseable Bags: (Gluten-Free) Product Review and Giveaway
  1. New to Gluten free and could use all the help in the office and at home! Would love this reminders to help.

  2. And on a side note – these are so awesome!! Was on their site and love all of their products. Will need to share this with my readers on facebook too!!

    What a great idea.

  3. Follow you on Twitter and RT your tweet about the giveaway (@creatively_GF)

  4. I have been looking for a way to bring my lunch to school – I leave at 5 am and usually get home around 6pm so I have to bring lunch with me. This would be perfect.

  5. I could definately use one of these for my celiac daughter heading back to school.

  6. These are so cute, sign me up!!!!! Liked you on Facebook and am following on Twitter , thanks!!!!

  7. I have always wanted to try some of these. Living with celiac is tough, and so is living green when you don’t have a lot of money. I try to live earth friendly as much as I possibly can and hate disposable products.

    • Cheryl, you are the lucky winner! You will be notified via email for a mailing address! Thank you everyone for entering the Giveaway!

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