Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co. (gluten-free, GMO-free, diabetic-friendly) – Product Review

Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co. (gluten-free, GMO-free, diabetic-friendly) – Product Review

Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co.offers a line of gluten-free products that contain healthy, (pronounceable) natural ingredients which are free of preservatives and GMOs, and are low in sugar, making them a great option for diabetics as well as the gluten-intolerant. 

And yes, Goldbaum’s also makes it possible for gluten-intolerant children (and adults) to join other family members and friends in a much beloved tradition, that being … the pure delight of licking an ice-cream cone on a summer’s day (or anytime of the year)! Watch your child’s eyes open wide when handed a cone of ice-cream, perhaps for the very first time. Kudos to Goldbaum’s for bringing on the smiles!




Goldbaum’s also offers Brown Rice Pasta in every shape and size to satisfy anyone’s pasta preference (spirals, shells & penne, fettuccini, spaghetti, elbows – fucilli and radiatare coming soon)! Thought you couldn’t eat CousCous or Chow Mein ever again, well Goldbaum’s has gluten-free versions, so you can prepare them safely at home. They also offer a few soup accompaniments (mini croutons & noodles just great for Chicken Noodles Soup). Winter is coming!

The newest products are these fabulous “Wonder Meals”. I recently sampled the Beef Stuffed Cabbage with gravy (free of corn, nut, & soy and containing vitamins A & C, calcium, fiber & iron) and was impressed with how delicious the dish turned out. For food that came out of a box and micro-waved for a few minutes, the results were pretty darn great tasting and they were stuffed to the max! Wonder Meals have a shelf life of up to 36 months and require no refrigeration, making them convenient to take to the office, school or pack in your suitcase to heat up in your hotel’s microwave! Other Wonder Meals include: Bone in Chicken with Rice & Vegetables, Bone in Chicken with Potatoes, and Goulash (beef).

Goldbaum’s products are not only gluten-free, healthy and delicious, they are:

–        Allergen-friendly
–        Cholesterol-free, sodium-free, egg-free, vegan options (some products do contain allergens 
     so be sure to read ingredients label)
–        Preservative and GMO-Free
–        Low in sugar – a great choice for diabetics
–        Manufactured in a Gluten-Free Facility
–        Certified Kosher

Goldbaum’s gluten-free products can be found in markets throughout the US, including: Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Kings, Price Chopper.  If you don’t see them in your favorite market, ask the manager to order them!

You can also order products on-line:

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Back to those gfree ice-cream cones … which are also soy-free, egg-free, nut & peanut-free, dairy-free, vegan, & low in sugar and come in Jumbo, Sugar & Sugar Cocoa, and Cups and vanilla and chocolate flavors.  My sugar cone samples were packaged well, no broken pieces and were crunchy and full of flavor. Because I NEVER order an ice-cream where gluten-filled cones are served – due to high risk of cross-contamination –  I have to say, it was a real treat for me to have one!

Marcus enjoying his Goldbaum’s GF cone!


You would never know the cones are gluten-free, in fact one of my boys, who is not gluten-intolerant, enjoyed a cone, commenting “it tastes exactly like a regular cone!”

Kid tested and tasted approved!

Goldbaum’s is currently offering a RAFFLE to win a “Taste-Test Prize Pack” – $200 worth of their gluten-free products! 
Enter Here



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Disclosure: I was sent free samples from Goldbaum’s to review. We are happy to announce that Goldbaum’s has recently joined our family of sponsors, but we were not compensated for this particular review and as always, the opinions expressed are my own.

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6 Responses to Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co. (gluten-free, GMO-free, diabetic-friendly) – Product Review
  1. My family has been buying Goldbaums products since my wife was diagnosed with celiac last June. We do like their pasta products better than others we have tried.

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  3. Great review, good to know… thanks!

  4. I am so happy to finally see gluten free ice cream cones. My daughter will be so excited and I will be looking for them at my local markets.

  5. I am a fan of Goldbaums foods. I have had their ice-cream cones and they are the best!! Great review.

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