Living as a Teen with Celiac Disease (guest post by Sema Dibooglu)



I am a Celiac teen who blogs about awesome recipes, ideas, and gluten-free fun. Diagnosed a long time ago, you could say I’m a natural at reading labels. I do it by instinct, not even thinking about it. I’ve also become accustomed to speaking with the chefs and going through a menu several times to look for new gluten free options. Although I love salad very much, there’s only so much salad a person can eat! My blog is written to provide positive, practical, educational and insightful information on the gluten-free diet.



Living as a Teen with Celiac Disease

by Sema Dibooglu, guest author


I am a teenager with Celiac Disease. I don’t walk around with it written on my forehead, but I don’t hide it. I am not ashamed of who I am, so why should I be ashamed of what I eat? People come to me and tell me I can’t eat anything, and I just look at them and sigh! Why of course I can eat good food, gluten-free after all does not necessarily mean taste-free.

Diagnosed at a young age, my parents wanted to make sure that the transition to the gluten-free diet was smooth and painless. My mom instituted a gluten-free school lunch program at my school, so that I could feel like I too had options. She made sure that, with a 504 plan, I could eat at every school function (who wants to bring a lunch box to a school dance anyway?). My dad always prepares delicious gluten-free meals, making sure I never go hungry or am tempted to cheat.

As a teenager, I believe the social aspect is the hardest when handling the diet. Food is a very social thing, as when people meet, they usually do it over coffee or a meal. I don’t want stay home or constantly bring my own food, so I always plan ahead before I go out with friends. Whether it’s calling a restaurant or talking to a host, I find this makes the outings more enjoyable and a lot less stressful! All you have to do is ask :). Transitioning to the diet can be a challenge if you don’t accept the diet. If you constantly think of what you can’t eat, chances are you’re going to have a hard time seeing what you can actually eat. I don’t try to look for substitutes for every wheat snack I had as a child, instead I explore all the delicious gluten-free snacks out there!

I don’t believe in cheating on my diet. Nowadays there is so much out there to eat, from gluten-free sections in grocery stores to gluten-free menus at restaurants! The motto of my blog is “a positive outlook on the gluten-free diet,” because I want to spread the word that the gluten-free lifestyle should not bring a person down. Just because you are on the gluten-free diet does not mean that you have to eat gross foods, there are many delicious options out there waiting to be explored.


Thanks Sema!
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3 Responses to Living as a Teen with Celiac Disease (guest post by Sema Dibooglu)
  1. Very inspiring!

  2. Thank you!!! I just learned I have Celiacs, and have been very worried. I am 16. I feel better after reading your story.

  3. I just forwarded this to my celiac daughter, thank you.

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