VerMint’s (Chai Pastilles)

(Breath Mints)

Ingredients (chai pastilles): Organic crystallized cane juice, organic tapioca syrup, organic Vermont maple syrup, organic chai tea, agar, gum tragacanth, natural chai oleoresin, pure Vermont spring water.

When I was a gluten-free newbie, I was afraid to put anything in my mouth, unless it was a piece of fruit.  I was heading to a meeting and realized I didn’t have anything on hand to freshen my breath.  What were the odds the candy I pulled out from the bottom of my purse was gluten-free? I wasn’t taking any chances.  So I added “breath mints” to my shopping list, and a few days later found these totally delicious, all natural gluten-free little tins of pure, sweet, tasty joy.  VerMint’s come in a variety of flavors (pastilles & mints): Peppermint, wintermint, gingermint, cinnamint, café express and chai.  I’ve tried them all, but my faves are the chai & gingermint.  Nice to freshen your breath, without the added chemicals, preservatives found in other mints.  Love the backstory of the manufacturer … started small in a Vermont kitchen with only one flavor, and then after a few years they expanded their line, and now Vermints are sold in stores on both the east and west coasts, and they have remained committed to keeping their line all natural.

Why we also like VerMint’s products:

–      Gluten-free (& nut-free) labeling easy to read
–      Certified organic
–      Flavored with Fair Trade tea (from Honest)
–      Free of – Nuts, GMO’s, animal products, high fructose corn syrup
–      Certified Kosher
–      VerMint’s contributes a percentage of sales to the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation


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