Turner Syndrome and Celiac Disease Connection

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that describes girls and women with common features that are caused by complete or partial absence of the second sex chromosome.  Turner syndrome occurs in approximately 1 of every 2,000 live female births and approximately 10% of all miscarriages, according to Turner Syndrome Society website.  Previous research has shown a high prevalence of Celiac disease in people with Turner syndrome, but study data was limited. Recently researchers in Sweden studied the risk for Celiac in individuals with Turner syndrome compared with the general population.

Conclusion of their nation-wide case-controlled study: “Females with TS are more likely to develop CD. This study supports active case-finding for CD in TS”. 

This suggests people diagnosed with Turner syndrome may want to get tested for Celiac.

Study Abstract may be viewed here.

For more information on Turner syndrome visit the following:




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