Orthodontic Retainer Causes Reoccurring Symptoms in Child with Celiac

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Doctors at the Department of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition, Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo at the University of Buffalo, New York believe that a 9 year old child with Celiac Disease was having reoccurring symptoms because the child’s orthodontic retainer was made with plastic that contained gluten, as noted in an article posted on the website Clinical Pediatrics cpj.sagepub.com

Once the child stopped using the retainer symptoms resolved.

Another great reminder that we must also consider non-dietary items that come in contact with our mouths, as being potential sources of gluten exposure.

Open HERE to read the Abstract.


REVISED: 10.5.14 Amy Jones, MS, RD and Tricia Thompson, MS, RD respond to the article noted above published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics. Here are their findings: http://www.glutenfreedietitian.com/do-parents-of-children-with-celiac-disease-really-have-to-worry-that-their-childrens-retainers-contain-gluten/

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