Internships available at (non-profit) Celiac Disease Foundation (Spring, Summer or Fall 2013) Woodland Hills, CA

If you are interested in working for a non-profit organization specifically in the celiac/gluten-free world, consider an internship program with the Celiac Disease Foundation located in Woodland Hills, California. Work with Celiac Disease Foundation’s Directors of Operations, Development, Communications and Outreach.


CDF’s program benefits include:

– Gain hands-on experience that has a direct impact on the celiac and gluten-sensitive community

– Attend meetings with CDF Executive Staff and CDF Board of Directors to observe leadership and planning

– Manage the CDF Youth and Gluten-Free movement through social media

– Own at least one individual or group project and present

– Course credit at your enrolled University, if you so choose


Dates of Intership


Spring 2013: Jauary 21 – April 26 (13 weeks)
Applications Due: 1 January 2013
Summer 2013: June 24th – August 16 (8 weeks)
Applications Due: 1 June 2013
Fall 2013: September 2 – December 20 (12 weeks)
Applications Due: 1 August 2013
(some scheduling adjustments may be made)
Click here to read more about the requirements for CDF’s Internship program and how to submit your application. For more information, contact Outreach Coordinator Janelle Smith at or 818-716-1513 ext. 105




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