High School Students in Belleville, MI Highlight Celiac Disease at Student Council Conference

The Belleville High School Student Council hosted a conference on 18 April for students of all Wayne County (WWAC) schools to attend. The  Council holds meetings twice a year, and this year the students chose to focus on Celiac Disease, very timely considering May is Celiac Awareness Month.

Tracee Harris-Kloian began the meeting by providing information on Celiac Disease and the gluten-free diet. Ms. Harris-Kloian’s 3-year old daughter, Evee, who attended with her mom, was diagnosed with the disease.

During the conference, students were able to order gluten-free meals at a mock restaurant and sampled gluten free food.  According to a Heritage.com article “The meeting proved to be very empowering, not only for students who left “wishing they went to Belleville,” but for our very own student council members, who became closer throughout the planning and carrying out of this event and who are proud to call themselves Tigers. Events such as these have put BHS on the map as a place where students want to be — a very enlightening and positive message for all Belleville community members.”

Way-to-Spread-Awareness-of-Celiac Tigers!

To view entire Heritage.com article open here.

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