Dunkin Donuts holds off on nationwide release of gluten-free options, for now

photo from Gluten-Free Living.com

Celiac blogs and social media pages were all a buzz last summer when Dunkin Donuts announced they would be offering a gluten-free donut and muffin option on a trial basis in a few cities. When posted to CeliacCorner’s Facebook page, comments were mixed. Many following a gluten-free lifestyle were looking forward to having another mainstream gluten-free option, while others said they wouldn’t touch them due to the high content of fat and sugar. Certainly, DD took the right approach by preparing the individually packaged muffins and donuts in a dedicated gluten-free facility and had them certified gluten-free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO)

Well, if you were looking forward to ordering a sweet gluten-free something at DD to go along with your beverage of choice you will need to wait a little longer.

Recently, a Dunkin Donuts rep made the following statement in a Gluten-Free Living.com article:

“In 2013, we tested a gluten-free Cinnamon Sugar Donut and Blueberry Muffin in select markets. We are currently assessing the results of this test, as well as feedback from our guests and franchisees, and we do not have plans to launch these products nationally at this time. We are continuing to develop additional gluten-free products for future tests, and we remain committed to exploring ways to offer our guests gluten-free choices.”

So it appears DD is still considering release of gluten-free options, just not anytime soon.

You can read the entire GFL article HERE. 


Were you looking forward to the option of ordering a gluten-free donut and muffin while at Dunkin Donuts? Feel free to comment below.

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