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I remember the first week I was diagnosed with celiac (& lactose intolerance), back a few years.  I walked into the grocery store consumed with the idea I would never be able to eat baked goods again, especially cookies!  Of course once I visited the gluten-free section, I discovered there were indeed several varieties of packaged gluten-free cookies available, and soon my shopping cart was filled with every GF & dairy-free brand I could grab off the shelf! (I think every newly diagnosed goes through a brief period of time, when you feel the need to overcompensate for what you think you cannot have!)  Eventually you strike the right balance of healthy eating and the reward of a gluten-free treat – hopefully!). Anyway back to the cookies. I brought all the cookies home, and within the next few weeks sampled them. I can’t tell you how many I tried to pass off to my kids, after sampling and not liking – but they didn’t like them either! Eventually, I got to the package of Almond Horn cookies by ALEIA’S. I was first attracted to their simple, environmentally-friendly “brown bag” packaging, with the “life is sweet without wheat” labeling … hmmm, I was intrigued and had such high hopes! Well I was not disappointed, and those almond horns were among the most delicious cookies, gluten or non- gluten, I had ever tasted.They are made of all natural ingredients – almond paste, organic pure cane sugar, almonds and egg whites. No added preservatives, and are cholesterol free.  Layered with crispy almonds, they are sweetly scrumptious! Needless to say, I have been a loyal fan ever since. In fact, though I generally consider myself to be a sharing person,  I occasionally find myself hiding my bag of Aleia’s cookies from my kids, because they love them too! Bad celiac mother!

Since my love affair with the almond horns, I have tried most all of Aleia’s cookies, and honestly enjoy them all! (Chocolate chip, Ginger snap, Peanut butter, Snickerdoodle, Pignoli nut, Coconut macaroon, Chocolate coconut macaroon).  All of their cookies are packed with flavor and have a wonderful freshly baked texture. Their newest, the Oatmeal & Golden Raisin (contains dairy), is deliciously chewy and filled with plump raisins. The oats used are certified gluten-free. Not your average gluten-free cookie by any means! Such a treat and considering they do not contain any preservatives, they stay fresh tasting for quite awhile.

Aleia’s offers more than cookies – check out their breads, bread crumbs, croutons, and stuffing.

(their italian bread crumbs and panko are used as a breading for  several of Starfish’s (a Pacific Seafood Company) packaged gluten-free fish products – breaded sole and shrimp).

Visit Aleias’s website to see if your favorite store stocks their products, and if they do not request they do! Though they primarily serve the eastern regions, I hope they will continue to expand their distribution nationwide, so everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy them too! You can always order on-line!

Why we also love Aleia’s:

contain natural ingredients & no preservatives

– certified gluten-free by the Celiac Sprue Association

– baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility (but not peanut-free)

– all cookies (except oatmeal & golden raisin which contain dairy) are dairy & soy free

– kosher certified

Check them out on Facebook too!

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Did you enjoy this post?  Have you tried Aleia’s products? Please comment below.

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  1. I just discovered these, and yet the almond horns are to die for.

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