Simply Gum: All Natural, Vegan, Gluten-Free Chewing Gum (Review)

Simply Gum



Looking for chewing gum that is free of gluten as well as other junk ingredients, check out Simply Gum, the only brand in the US that uses 100% natural ingredients, according to their website.

This vegan line of all natural premium chewing gum is not only free of gluten and nuts, but also FREE of artificial flavors and sweeteners (no aspartame!), preservatives and synthetic ingredients (apparently most gum makers use a synthetic – as in plastic – gum based material).



Simply Gum is handcrafted (in New York City) using just 6 ingredients: Chicle (from a tree and is what gives gum a soft chew), Organic Dried Cane Juice, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Rice Flour and All Natural Flavors, and is biodegradable!

The pieces of gum are shaped like ‘pellets’ (similar to what you feed your stove & bunny!) rather than flat rectangular pieces. They come in 6 flavors: Mint, Cinnamon, Maple, Ginger, Fennel Licorice, and Coffee.

I was sent (thanks Adeena!) the Cinnamon, Fennel Licorice, Coffee and Mint flavors (I can’t wait to try the Ginger!). The gum is very smooth and the flavor is subtle, but lasting. I found the more I chewed the more flavorful the gum got. Not sure how that is possible, but it happened. Loved all the flavors, but especially the Fennel Licorice. Earthy, delish and a great breath freshener! Now, if you are expecting a Bubblicious-type flavor and chewing experience, you may not like this gum, but if you prefer to purchase products that are made with healthier ingredients while offering a subtle, yet tasty, lasting flavor, Simply Gum is for you!

And, the packaging is simply lovely. I’m a sucker for creative, eye-pleasing graphics, and Simply Gum has that covered. When you reach for a piece of gum, you’ll feel like you are treating yourself to more than just a chew! Each box of gum contains sleeves of paper that you can use to conveniently discard your gum.

Simply Gum is sold in Whole Foods, Lilli and Pops, Williams-Sonoma, Sprouts Farmers Market, among other stores.

See website for pricing (current Amazon price: $2.50 each pack (15 pieces of gum per box), bundle sells for $14.99 (includes 6 packs)

simply gum

Check out Simply Gum:  Website   Facebook   Twitter  Pinterest

(CeliacCorner was sent samples for the purpose of this review, the opinions of the reviewer have not been influenced)

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